Dr. Jart+ Turn On Your Face Mask

by Laura

dr jart sheet maskMy younger sister just got back from living for a bit in Seoul, South Korea. Mostly that means she’s home eating all the cheese and bagels in the fridge and not leaving anything for me, but it also means she brought home lots of skincare products!

Any self-respecting person in South Korea spends a lot of time and care keeping their skin healthy and youthful. If your skin isn’t flawless, you’re doing it all wrong. The top of my sister’s wardrobe currently looks like a factory line of expensive Korean skincare products. When I asked her how use you them all, she gave me the sideye and said, “Layering–duh, Laura.”

Since I still haven’t mastered the art of product layering–and haven’t spent the past four months amassing a collection of Korean skincare–I decided to use one of the facemasks she bought for me instead. This one is Dr. Jart+ Turn On Your Face. On the packaging there’s a checklist of the skin ailments it promises to eliminate, listing dullness, blemishes, and darkening. At Sephora, masks like this one run for about $6.00 – $7.50, but my sister bought it for $0.86. Ugh.

After washing my face with Cetaphil and patting it dry, I disentangled the plastic packaging from the facemask. It has a gel-like texture (there are two kinds of sheet masks: gel- and cloth-based) and once I placed the two pieces on my face, I could feel the moisture seeping into my skin. Setting a timer for 15 minutes, I surfed on the web for a bit until it was time to take off the mask. In the areas where my skin is dry, the mask burned a bit – I assumed it’s because my skin there is very sensitive.

Afterwards, I peeled the mask off and pat my skin dry again. I’m not sure about less red, but my skin definitely had a nice glow to it after my little spa treatment. If you feel like pampering yourself, but are like me, and don’t want to spend too much time on it, I would highly recommend a facemask. You can feel good about your skin, and scare any children/men around you with your white mummy face! It’s a win-win.


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