Self-Care Sunday: Unplug

unplug For that last couple of weeks, my boyfriend and I have been doing something really weird: we’ve stopped consuming electronic media after six o’clock PM on weekdays. We decided that, after spending all day at computers, it did not make us feel that great to spend all evening staring at screens as well. We break the rule for an occasional movie, but for the most part, we’ve found it not hard to stick to. We get more reading done, listen to more records, play more board games (nerd alert), and I do more weaving. And we don’t wake up on the couch at eleven to find that this shit has happened. In the spirit of the experiment, I’m keeping this short. Maybe unplugging every day won’t be realistic for most people. But I think doing it occasionally is worth the effort. Now, I’m going to go do my nails. 💅🎉


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