Friday Link Roundup: I’m Still Alive, You’re Still Alive, Hello, Etc. Edition

Why, hello. *waving hand emoji* It has been many a month since I have set about to blog here. Which means that some of these pieces are actually rather old, especially in Internet Time, but they are just too good for me not to want to pass on.

Like this great piece that Jia Tolentino wrote post-New York Times manicure expose. It is from May! But also it is good! “Guilt is not a political problem to be solved; it’s a natural byproduct of luxury.”

And this piece over at the Hairpin, also from May?? How could I resist a lyric essay about lip products? I mean, ugh, this: “I loved how lip-gloss extended the promise of easy approachability, a promise that its gluiness rescinded. It looked like icing and it acted like a tar pit; lip-gloss was the desirable mirage I wanted to be in the world, and I was slow to renege it.” *faints*

Maura Ivy has done two really good eye tutorials recently: one for winged eyeliner for hooded eyes (hi, it me), and then also for this beautiful, glittery, mermaid eye look.

File this essay about selfies and ugliness and Kim Kardashian under “it me” as well.

This HuffPo article dismantles the 90s myth that we can end sweatshop labor by just not buying clothes from a few evil brands.

Frieda Hughes’s poem “Selfie” in the New Yorker is 👍👍.

A campaign to end the sale in India of acids that are used by men to attack and permanently scar women uses the form of YouTube beauty tutorials to spread its message.

And, finally, this essay over at the Lingerie Addict about the expectation for being trans in public is just super rad and interesting.


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