PSA: Better Masking Through Brushes


This is my Mask Nook. That’s a thing that everyone has, right?

As you can see above, I like me some face masks, despite never really being entirely confident of their general efficacy. But one thing that makes me reluctant to mask, sometimes, is that masks, especially clay formulas, can be all kinds of messy. Maybe I’m totally behind here, and everyone already does this, but I realized a few months ago that there was something that could make masking more streamlined and neat. And this one thing has improved my mask game hardcore, and I bet you already have one in a drawer somewhere.

We’re talking about a brush here, the kind of basic, flat foundation brush we all used before we discovered the magic of buffing and stippling and blending. Squirt your product straight onto a brush, and suddenly you’re calmly painting your face (like the work of art that it is) with a smooth, cooling paste—instead of covering your hands in product and trying not to get it all over your sink, mirror, water glass, phone, entire life, etc.

And then you can just rinse off the brush—no muss, no fuss.

if you don’t have any spare flat foundation brushes rolling around, you can buy a dedicated masking brush, which is so cheap that it is definitely worth the trouble it saves, and even though I try to to make this too much of a you-have-to-buy-this-new-thing-now blog, you really do have to buy this thing now if you do not have it. Or not. Do you, girl. I’m just saying, I like masks, and fingers make for suboptimal mask application tools.


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