Friday Link Roundup: Bruja Edition

This video of witches in New York hexing Donald Trump basically made me cry? God, what is wrong with me. Anyway, here are some dank reads for you this weekend, while we all contemplate and/or try to forget that the world is a garbage heap.

I think we can consider these selfie-taking Arizona State sorority girls our new heroes, for they truly understand that attendance at a baseball game is mostly about eating food and hanging out with your friends.

Read this essay about growing up a Muslim woman post-9/11, and enjoy some sick Richard Dawkins burns as well.

A piece by a fashion writer trying to de-centralize whiteness from her writing: “One would assume that as a black writer, diversity would be easy to navigate and execute. But honestly, it’s incredibly exhausting.”

Omg, this Google DeepDream makeup tutorial is a perfect, insane nightmare and I love it. Halloween inspiration, right???

Have you ever wondered why it is that everyone on the internet seems to hate Lime Crime so much? The reasons are practically endless! Arabelle Sicardi covers the long-sunning saga of the controversial makeup brand.

Refinery29 published a series of photographs of women recovering from plastic surgery in South Korea, where cosmetic procedure have become commonplace. Do you think you would ever want to break some of your bones so you’d look different?


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