Facepainted is about beauty, makeup, creation. We’re about looking good and feeling good and not apologizing.

Sometimes we have bad skin. Sometimes we have frizzy hair. We look fucking gorgeous anyway.

We have complicated relationships with the way we look. We have complicated relationships to makeup. We have complicated relationships with everything.

We believe that nothing that affects the way we feel is frivolous or inconsequential. We believe beauty is for everyone. We believe in supporting each other. We love you.

Malka is the editor of Facepainted. She has a weird face. She is currently a writer, but hopes one day to become a witch with lots of cats. Follow her on twitter–she’s very relatable.

Laura contributes to Facepainted from Washington, DC. She’s totally over white dudes, and she’ll tell you straight up, girl, whatever when necessary. Her twitter won’t have you chasing waterfalls.

Autum Pearl is a student, cactus-lover, cat-scratcher. Her singing voice sounds best in the car, alone.

Questions? Wanna contribute?? Please do write to us at facepaintedisyourbff at gmail dot com!




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